When do we fly?

We fly year around, weather permitting. Morning and afternoon flights are available on Saturday and Sunday, as well as weekday afternoons.    

I Have A gift certificate how long do i have to use it?

Our life certificates never expire

I'm afraid of heights!

Hot air balloon rides are a different kind of high. Once the balloon has launched passengers generally look out toward the horizon rather than straight down.  Skip, our pilot, is sensitive to the comfort level of our passengers. He flies between treetop high and 1500 feet at the request of our passengers.

What should I wear?

Closed toe shoes are a must! We launch and land in fields, which are not conducive to flip flops or high heels. For cool weather flights, we suggest "layering" sweaters, jackets, etc. The ground temperature and air temperature are basically the same. 


Where do we fly?

 We usually fly out of the Collierville, TN area, and meet at   

the Collierville Public Library

​501 Poplar View Parkway